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Our Mission

At SWB, we strive to provide you with top-quality machined parts, cable assemblies, and printed circuit boards. But that's not all we strive to do. At SWB, service to our Customers is just as important as the products we provide. We know it's Customer Service that makes or breaks relationships. That's why we're committed to being available to our Customers at all times. Have a problem with the products you've received? Simply give us a call and we'll work with you to resolve the issues. As part of our mission to provide top-notch Customer Service, we also hand-deliver as many orders as possible to our Customers. And if we can't hand deliver it, we'll make sure it's there on-time using a commericial shipping solution. It's all part of our mission to keep our Customers happy and to help add value to your business.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss our mission statement with us. We're confident you'll easily recognize that our committment to Customer Service can't be beaten!


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