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Laser Welding Services

When a laser’s concentrated energy is used for welding it gives many advantages over conventional resistance methods. The technology is already spreading through the automotive industries of America and Europe. The process is a non-contact one that directs laser outputs of 2-10 kW into a very small area. This means that power levels in excess of 103-105Wmm-2 are produced on the surface of the parts to be welded. The laser beam makes a ‘keyhole’ and the liquid steel solidifies behind the traversing beam, leaving a very narrow weld and heat affected zone (HAZ). The weld is approximately 1 mm wide and the surrounding material is not distorted. Because the weld bead is small, there is usually no need for finishing or re-working and this reduces costs. In the case of zinc-coated steels, the narrow weld also means that it is protected by the sacrificial galvanic corrosion in the adjacent zinc layers. As access for welding is required from one side only, many different joint configurations are possible that were previously unavailable. And so laser welding opens doors to innovative joint designs.

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